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Nome Community Center traces its roots to a reindeer-herding project that began in 1906. Mrs. R. H. Young, Bureau Secretary of Alaska, supplied a generous donation to the Women’s Home Missionary Society of the Methodist Church to establish a reindeer mission at Sinuk River.

Although it became an independent agency, Nome Community Center remains linked to the United Methodist Church through a covenant agreement with the United Methodist Women, and remains a UMW National Mission Institution today.

Their website says:

For over a century, the Nome Community Center has worked to uphold the spirit of its mission to “enhance the quality of life of the people of the Bering Strait Region.” We strive to fill the gaps in community programming where the need is greatest in Nome and the surrounding districts. Our goal is to enrich the differing facets of the community through elder, youth, family and wellness programs.

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We are proud to have this partnership as we strive to minister in Alaska.

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