Click the corresponding tab to locate the files you need. Files are either in Adobe PDF or Microsoft Word format.

AUMC Special Called Session Resource Page for the upcoming Special Called Session.

Mission Connection Ministry Financial for your benefit statement.

Clergy Files Click Here for Clergy/Church Covenants, Badge forms for Providence, Disbursement Vouchers and more.

2021 Charge Conference Files Here for Salary Forms, Trustees Reports, and much more.

Lay Files Click Here for “Renewal Northwest,” a disbursement voucher, and a Conference Merit Award Nomination Form.

SPRC Files Click Here for resources for Clergy Evaluation, Church Profiles, and More.

Journals and Reports for Annual Conference Journals and more.

Conference Policies for our Safe Sanctuary and Human Resources Policies.

Volunteer in Mission Downloads if you want to send a Volunteer in Mission team.

UMW and UMM Information for United Methodist Women and United Methodist Men items.

Find Other Reports Here for, well, “other reports.”