Birchwood Camp

Birchwood Camp is nestled quietly between the Chugach Mountains and the Cook Inlet– Our 35 acre Psalm lake is surrounded by 160 acres of pristine Alaskan forest. This serene setting invites guests to let go of the stress and chaos of everyday life and retreat to a special place of peace and tranquility.

We offer several dynamic faith based camping programs for children and youth focused on building community and faith formation. These camping programs are sponsored by the United Methodist Church but are open to all. Birchwood Camp also provides year round retreat facilities for a large number of community organizations, schools and churches.  Please visit our facilities page to see the many services and rental options we offer.

Our goal is one of opening our doors to all groups both religious and secular without regard to their denominational affiliations. We strive to offer hospitality which includes adapting our facilities, our schedules, and our hearts and minds to those who might be different from ourselves. Our vision is to offer a place apart from the everyday world where people can come to refresh and to renew.


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Eagle River Camp

Eagle River Camp is an accessible but remote location for your small or large group camp or retreat. The camp is ideal for meetings or retreats, planning sessions, hiking, fishing, nature walks, bird watching, and church camps, as well as school or family camps. A great spot for cross country skiing, winter survival camp, environmental education, and recharging ones spiritual batteries.

Nestled among 100 year old spruce trees, Eagle River United Methodist Camp in Southeast Alaska sets the mood for restful retreats or stimulating outings. Located on Glacier Highway at Mile 28, just before Eagle Beach State Park, the 48 acre camp offers easily accessible isolation for group or family events.

Within a five mile radius of the camp the topography goes from glacier ice to the salt water of the Lynn Canal making it an excellent location for outdoor camping, education and environmental studies. Marked trails lead to high adventure in wildlife and botanical study. Adjacent to the camp are the facilities at Eagle beach and the trails to Herbert and Eagle Glaciers.

History of Eagle River Camp Here.


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Hope Retreat Center

Located in the town of Hope, Alaska, this rustic facility is available for family or spiritual retreats.

Fees: As of 1/1/23 the cost has increased to $125/night for the first 5 people and then $10/each additional person.  A $50 deposit is required at the time of booking. This charge is applied to your final bill. The maximum number of persons allowed is 15.  There will be a $350 charge for a wedding party greater than 10 people whether you stay overnight or not.  However no more than 15 people could stay overnight.  With groups larger than 15 the outhouses must be used in conjunction with the inside facility.  If your wedding party is less than 10 people than the charge is $150 weather you stay overnight or not.  If you would like, you can pay online for your existing reservation here (the system only allows you to select one item at a time to pay so if you need to add multiple things in the cart, please make separate purchases or call 907-333-5050 during business hours and it can be done in one charge – Sorry for the inconvenience!).

Contact: To check availability, click here for the calendar To make a reservation or to ask general questions, please contact the Alaska United Methodist Conference office by phone 907-333-5050 or email

Guidelines to help maintain our facility and to have a successful visit:

  • What to bring: The cabin is furnished. All you need to bring are sleeping bags, pillows, towels, personal food, trash bags, toilet paper, paper towels, and wood if you plan to have a fire.
  • Fire Ladder: The fire ladder upstairs is not a toy and children should not play with it. The ladder could save a life in an emergency, but is useless if tangled. Please make sure it is in usable condition during your stay and before you leave.
  • Journal: There are journals in the living room to write about your experience, comments and suggestions. These are fun to read and can offer helpful suggestions.
  • Common Courtesy: All property in Hope is privately owned. Buildings should not be entered, even if they look abandoned. Respect for the privacy of our neighbors who do live here year around is very important.

Before You Leave:

  • The refrigerator/freezer needs to be emptied completely and cleaned, all dishes washed and put away. Please do not leave food of any kind.
  • All floors need to be swept, and the main traffic area wet mopped. There are equipment and supplies available for this purpose. The vacuum is bag-less; please check to see if it needs to be emptied.
  • Please leave all cots and mattresses upstairs.
  • Turn both thermostats down.
  • Close all inside doors, including the door to upstairs.
  • Make sure all faucets are turned off tight.

Directions: For directions, please click here.

Click here to view pictures of the center.