Adventure & Renewal

Our Learning Event will be February 16-17, 2017 (Thursday 1:00 pm – Friday 3:00 pm) followed by the Winter Rendezvous (Conference committee meetings) on February 17-18, 2017 (Friday evening – Saturday afternoon). The Learning Event will focus on Creating New Places for New People and Nurturing Vital Congregations with Rev. Dr. Bill Gibson and Rev. Steve Ross as our main resource people.

To prepare for the learning event, here’s some homework for you.
1. Form a Vitality Team in your local church.
2. Read and study the following documents together
     a. Northwest Adventure: New Church Development in the Greater Northwest Episcopal Area (click here to download)
     b. Renewal Northwest: Congregational Vitality in the Greater Northwest Episcopal Area (click here to download)
3. Access and study your mission field’s demographics through MissionInsite. Each church in the Alaska Conference has access to this demographic service. For more info on how to log-in, contact Crystal Feaster at the Conference Office.
4. Test the results of your demographics study by interviewing key people in your community. Guide questions for this will be made available soon.

February 2017 Learning Event Flyer

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Winter Rendezvous Meetings Letter

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