The Conference’s “Mission House” to Once Again Serve as a Parsonage

Posted in: News- Aug 26, 2013


“The Mission House” is a Alaska Conference-owned property on Knight’s Way in Anchorage. It previously housed the Superintendent of the Conference but has most recently been rented to an agency that provides assisted living housing. The rental agreement has been month to month and the montly revenue from the rental ($1,241) has been used to defray part of the costs of the office of Superintendent.

However, there is a pastor in our conference with a housing need.  Faatafa Fulumua is appointed to serve as the local pastor of the Samoan language fellowship of East Anchorage United Methodist Church, a growing and vital ministry in the Alaska Conference.  Currently the Fulumua famly is in inadequate housing in South Anchorage and is in need to better housing near that worshipping congregation. This would be a great blessing to Tafa, Uaa and the two children for whom they have accepted responsibility.

East Anchorage UMC made a proposal to the leadership team at the August 13th meeting to rent “The Mission House” to East Anchorage UMC to serve as a parsonage once again.

The following is the report from the Leadership Team Minutes:

It was decided to approve the request on the following terms:

The Mission House will be rented to EAUMC at a monthly rate of $800 per month for the first year, $1,000 per month for the second year, and $1,250 per month for the third year, with a three year minimum rental to obtain. At the end of three years, there will be a reevaluation of status to determine whether or not to continue, and if the decision is made to continue the rent would be adjusted to market conditions.

Our Conference looks forward to welcoming the Fulumua family to their new home in the future and we pray this arrangement will be a blessing to their family and the Samoan Fellowship of East Anchorage UMC.



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